About us

FORMOPLAST 2008 Ltd. is engaged in the production of thermoformed disposable plastic articles of polystyrene (PS) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The company's production is used as food packaging, sugar and confectionery, as well as for industrial purposes (such as blisters).

The company is also a manufacturer of polystyrene foil, including white, transparent and other colors, according to the customer's wishes.

FORMOPLAST 2008 Ltd. also has its own base for making the molds and tools for the products. This is a prerequisite for high quality and accuracy in the fabrication of the product. It also enables the development of new products on a client's project for extremely short time.

The experience gained over the years is a guarantor of correct service and excellent quality of the end product.

FORMOPLAST 2008 Ltd. strives to satisfy its customers throughout the whole production cycle - from the idea and design of the product to its production and delivery.

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